• What is IncreaseWay? keyboard_arrow_right

    It is a capital company that multiplies money safely and efficiently, through TRADING on the New York Stock Exchange with stock indices as the Standard & Poors (S&P500), NASDAQ among others. With a trajectory of more than a year in the financial market, offering an alternative of monetary diversification that enhances your economy, generating profits through passive income in a transparent, solid and stable way.

  • Does my investment have any protection against market volatility? keyboard_arrow_right

    Yes, your investment is protected by a stable currency (USDC) and at the time of withdrawal you can exchange for BTC, ETH and DRAC.

  • Do I have the option to appeal for a refund of my investment? keyboard_arrow_right

    Yes, Increaseway allows you to appeal for a refund of your investment, subject to the conditions of our policies, processed in a period of 1 to 21 business days.

  • How much is the return I get on my investment? keyboard_arrow_right

    The level of return is determined by the amount of your investment, classified into three categories.
    1.- Personnel: investment up to 9,999 USDC, monthly return of 10%.
    2.- Business: investment between 10,000 USDC and up to 99,999 USDC, monthly yield of 7%.
    3.- Vip: investment from 100,000 USDC, monthly yield of 5%.

  • How long does a contract last? keyboard_arrow_right

    The contract has a duration determined by the plan you choose, either DOUBLE or TRIPLE your capital.

  • With what currencies can I invest in IncreaseWay? keyboard_arrow_right

    You may pay with USDC, BTC, LTC, BCH and ETH on menu